What is Adaptive Cruise Control?

Acura model waiting in traffic graphic concept for Adaptive Cruise Control

What is Adaptive Cruise Control? It’s one of the leading AcuraWatch safety systems you’ll find fitted with all Acura models but the NSX. It’s responsible for enhancing peace of mind beyond the expectations of standard systems, and you find out all you need to know by reading on for answers to the following questions:

  • How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?
  • Is Adaptive Cruise Control Safe?
  • What’s Included with AcuraWatch Features?
  • Which Models Offer Adaptive Cruise Control?

How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

Standard cruise control systems have already made cruising on the open road easier and more convenient than ever, and Adaptive Cruise Control takes that technology to the next level. Acura’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system lets you set a desired cruising speed like a standard system, but it then actively gauges the interval between your Acura and the vehicle detected ahead.

When that vehicle slows, your cruising speed also decreases to ensure a safe distance is maintained. Once it speeds up, your preset cruising speed will return to normal. The system will apply the brakes or the throttle depending on the situation.

It all works through a windshield-mounted camera and a radar system on the vehicle’s front. As noted by the team over at Motor Trend: “These state of the art adaptive cruise control systems form the building blocks for semi-autonomous driving.”

Is Adaptive Cruise Control Safe?

Adaptive Cruise Control enhances peace of mind, but you’ll remain responsible for slowing or stopping in order to avoid a collision. It should not be used in heavy traffic, poor weather, or on winding roads and cannot detect all objects ahead. It isn’t safe enough for you to take your eyes off the road and have a nap, but it’s still a great feature for those who face regular commutes.

What’s Included with AcuraWatch Features?

Adaptive Cruise Control is a cutting-edge feature all by itself, but it’s even better seen as part of the larger AcuraWatch suite of driver assistance features. Those features include:

  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS): Uses a windshield-mounted camera to read road markings and provide audible and visual warnings should you ever cross them without signaling. Continue without reacting and corrective steering pressure will bring you back to center.
  • Forward Collision Warning: Momentary distractions can easily cause accidents, so the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system automatically scans the area ahead of your Acura to gauge distances from vehicles and other obstructions. If that distance becomes unsafe, audible and visual feedback alerts you to apply the brakes.
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™): Should you fail to heed the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system, CMBS will apply your brakes automatically to either reduce the force of a collision or avoid it entirely.
  • Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM): The same windshield mounted camera utilized by the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) identifies side-of-road markers, provides feedback if you cross them, and uses corrective steering pressure to guide you back onto the road.
  • Cross Traffic Monitor: A sensor in your Acura’s rear bumper will scan to the side as you reverse to keep you aware of any vehicles approaching from your left or right.
  • Auto High-Beam Headlights: Your Acura will automatically cycle between high beams and low beams after dark as other vehicles approach and pass, so you’ll enjoy flawless visibility without endangering other road users.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition System: Available with select models, the Traffic Sign Recognition System scans and remembers road signs as your Acura passes them, then displays them as a large icon in the center of the speedometer.

Which Models Offer Adaptive Cruise Control?

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a luxury crossover or a luxury sedan, you’ll find adaptive cruise control available with models across the Acura lineup, including:

  • Acura ILX
  • Acura RLX
  • Acura TLX
  • Acura RDX
  • Acura MDX

AcuraWatch Technology Brings Next-Generation Safety to Your Drive

You can find all the models listed above available alongside tempting special offers at your local Chicagoland Acura dealer. For any further advice or assistance, simply contact us today.

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