Siri’s New “Eyes Free” Feature is Coming to the Acura RDX

March 19th, 2013 by

Last summer, Apple unveiled a mode for Siri-compatible iOS devices running iOS 6 and above to bring everyone’s Knight Rider fantasies to life. At the Worldwide Developer Conference this past June, Apple discussed the invention and use of the “Eyes Free” system in certain 2013 vehicles, and of those models, the Acura RDX is completely ready to utilize “Eyes Free” as a dealer-installed option. So what does that mean for drivers who wish to take advantage of this system in their new RDX, and what exactly is Siri’s “Eyes Free” mode capable of?

Making the Roads Safer, One Voice Command at a Time

It’s no surprise to anyone how integral the iPhone has become in the lives of so many individuals. Previously, trying to perform tasks on the phone while driving only served to increase risk for yourself and other drivers, but Siri’s “Eyes Free” system looks to change all that. Thanks to this new option, the following can be handled with the simple push of a button:

  • Answer and/or make phone calls
  • Select and play music
  • Compose a text message
  • Acquire directions using the Maps app
  • Find calendar information
  • Create reminders

While this is just a sampling of what the “Eyes Free” system is capable of, it is already shaping up to be a pretty convenient option. It not only makes driving with your iPhone safer, but also offers integrated functionality previously not available. Apple even thought to keep the screen on your phone dark when making commands so as to minimize any and all distractions that using Siri’s “Eyes Free” could potentially create.

Next Generation Connectivity for RDX Drivers and iOS Device Users

The ingenious combination of Siri’s “Eyes Free” on iOS devices and the 2013 Acura RDX can only mean great things for owners of both. Apple has given drivers the opportunity to connect with their vehicle on an otherwise unprecedented level. With this technology, you can say goodbye to the days of trying to navigate a center console touchscreen display while driving at the same time. All it takes is the intimate familiarity with a device you already use on a regular basis coupled with simple voice commands, and you can do it all while reducing potential distractions.

Stop by McGrath Acura of Westmont for more information about the RDX and the availability of the new Siri “Eyes Free” system.