Great Reasons to Lease a New Acura

June 29th, 2013 by

When you’re seeking your next vehicle, after you’ve already decided what car or SUV you’d like to take home, you might not know that you have another choice to make: lease or purchase. Although many drivers purchase their vehicle either outright or with financing from a dealership, there are more and more who are opting to lease, and there are quite a few benefits to leasing your next Acura.

Why Should I Lease?

If you’re looking at the latest Acura models like the 2014 MDX, there’s a pretty good chance that you want to have some of the latest in automotive technology and convenience, and while purchasing a new MDX ensures that you have the latest tech now, when you get a few years down the line, there could be something new that you want more.

Now, you could always trade your vehicle in toward that new car, but if you find yourself wanting to keep doing this, you’ll save money by leasing. Rather than pay the full cost of the vehicle, you just pay for how much it depreciates over the course of your lease, making it easy to keep driving a new or relatively new vehicle, as most leases last 36-39 months.

Another added benefit to leasing is that monthly lease rates are often noticeably lower than comparable finance rates, making it even easier to afford a new luxury sedan or crossover.

Discover a New Acura Today

Which Acura should you lease? Well, you’ll want to visit a Chicagoland Acura dealer and take one for a test drive. Options like the brand new MDX crossover will be available soon and appeal to quite a few different drivers, but if you’re looking for a smaller sedan, the 2013 TL might be up your alley. And although it’s a ways off, when the Acura NSX finally hits the streets there could easily be a pretty long line of people looking to sign a lease on it.

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