Experience Driver First Technology in a New Acura Today

May 12th, 2021 by

Acura’s approach to technology is, “If technology can make the driver more comfortable, help them see better, or give them a closer connection to the road, we use it. And if it doesn’t exist, we create it.” With this approach in mind, we’ve created a host of technology features that you can experience in our new Acura sedans and SUVs at our Chicago Acura dealerships. 

Acura Sedan Technology Features

Stay Connected Through the Acura Display & Connectivity Features 

Most Acura models come with a 10.2-inch center display that you can control with the Tf, you can integrate your phone and control all features through the display. You can get directions, receive or send messages, control your apps, and play music from your music library. You can also turn your Acura into a mobile office or keep your passengers occupied with a Wi-Fi Hotspot (Additional cost through At&T). With Acura’s wireless technology; you save time at your Acura dealer by receiving software updates over-the-air (OTA). 


AcuraLinkⓇ Convenience 

To get the most out of your Acura from our car dealers and provide every day driving convenience, we’ve created AcuraLink. AcuraLinkⓇ is an app that links to your Acura car that includes the following:


  • Get vehicle guides 
  • Receive recall and vehicle health notifications
  • Book a service appointment
  • Get 24/7 roadside assistance 
  • Check the mileage, fuel range/level, and oil life
  • Search and send a location from your app to your vehicle’s navigation system
  • Receive walking directions to your final destination right when you leave your Acura 
  • Hear from a live agent during a crash that will call for help and stay on the phone during the emergency
  • Start, lock, and unlock your Acura remotely 
  • Use Amazon Alexa Skill
  • Get notifications when your alarm is triggered
  • Find your car through the app when you forget where you’ve parked it or if stolen 
  • Receive notification when your Acura enters leaves a location or exceeds a speed limit set by you 
  • Get Amazon packages delivered directly inside your car 
  • Make hotel, restaurant, or airline reservations, and send confirmation and navigation information to your vehicle 

Visit your local Acura dealerships to browse our Acura models and experience what our technology features have to offer today!