Drivers Don’t Break Up with Acura

May 1st, 2017 by

Acura LogoHave you ever bought an expensive luxury car and then decided just a few months later that it just wasn’t for you? Don’t worry—it’s nothing to be embarrassed about (it happens to the best of us). iSeeCars conducted a study on “The 11 New Cars Buyers Give Up Most Often Within the First Year.” This study revealed that many of Acura’s competitors made the list, yet Acura was absent. While the reasons may vary, in many cases Acura offers such impressive power, tech specs, safety, and luxury that drivers simply don’t break up with Acura. Just compare Acura’s record to that of a number of other luxury vehicles, including the new BMW models.

Some Useful Comparisons

Let’s see how they compare.

  • Acura TLX vs. BMW 3-Series – In addition to the Acura outgunning the BMW in terms of horsepower (the Acura gets 310 hp and the BMW 248 hp), drivers tend to hold on to the Acura longer than the BMW. Yet in addition to this, it’s also far more affordable than the BMW, while also giving you better city mpg.
  • Acura RLX vs. BMW 5-Series – Again, the Acura is just leaps and bounds more powerful—it gives you 279 hp while the BMW gives you 240 hp—and drivers don’t get rid of it like they do the BMW. Not only that, but the RLX is far, far more affordable.
  • Acura RDX vs. BMW X3 – Once again, the Acura outperforms the BMW, plus drivers don’t break up with their RDX like they do with their X3.
  • Acura RLX vs. Mercedes Benz E Class – Once again, the Acura is more powerful—it gives you 310 hp compared to the 241 hp offered by the Mercedes.

Test Drive a New Acura 

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