Acura: Your Home for Jewel Eye LED Headlights

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There are a lot of things that you can find on all different luxury vehicles. Leather upholstery. Bluetooth. Wood trim. And while Acura works hard to give drivers vehicles that are unique, that give them the best level of comfort and sophistication possible for their dollar, they also try to differentiate themselves from the pack. And Acura’s Jewel Eye LED headlights are one of the best ways to do that.

Not only do these headlights give you an incredible range of view in the night, but they give your vehicle a look and feel that is distinctly Acura—plus they make it easier for oncoming traffic to see you as well!

Jewel Eye LED Headlights: How Do they Work?

You can find Jewel Eye headlights on our new 2015 Acura TLX, in addition to other models here at Chicagoland Acura Dealers, and while they may look almost magical, it’s pure engineering and design that give these lights the edge. Here’s what sets them apart from run-of-the-mill headlights:

  • There are five LEDs per side that deliver a thicker, whiter, brighter beam while simultaneously lasting longer than HID or halogen bulbs and consuming less energy.
  • When your low beams are on, you’ll have three outer LEDs illuminated, giving you a clear view without blinding oncoming vehicles.
  • If you engage your high beams, you’ll have all five LEDs engaged, which lets you illuminate objects up to 200 milliseconds sooner than conventional headlights. If you’re traveling at 60 mph, that translates to an extra visible range of over 17 feet!
  • Your LED lenses act as daytime running lights, giving the TLX that distinctive Acura look even in the brightest sunlight.
  • For an extra sense of class, the reflective surfaces behind the Jewel Eye headlights help give it that jewel-like look even when the vehicle is off.

Acura: Distinctly Distinguished

Jewel Eye LED headlights are just one of the features that sets Acura models like the TLX apart from the competition. We could post dozens of pictures here on our blog, but to get the full effect, you really must see the headlights firsthand. Visit a Chicagoland Acura Dealer today and take a test drive of a brand new Acura.

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