2017 Acura TLX Technology Features

  • 2017 Acura TLX

    Chicago drivers should expect only the best from the 2017 Acura TLX technology features, and the sport sedan delivers. Modern luxury cars need to be outfitted with the latest in convenience, connectivity, safety, and entertainment technologies as well as classic comforts. Discover how the TLX makes you feel at home behind the wheel as we break down its features.

Connectivity and Convenience

In addition to standard Bluetooth for phone and audio, the Acura’s sedan is loaded with some of the latest in convenience and connectivity amenities. These are some of the most popular 2017 Acura TLX technology features that are designed around making your life behind the wheel a bit easier:

  • Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control: Set preferred temperatures for both the driver and front passenger, then let the TLX do the rest; an available GPS link can even account for heat from the sun’s rays as it moves overhead. With Acura’s personalized settings and the keyless access system, the vehicle will even recognize your key fob and adjust automatically if you have multiple drivers.

  • Keyless Access System: This is one of the TLX features that reminds drivers we live in the 21st century, sensing when your key fob is near and adjusting to personalized settings, and allowing you to unlock the door and start the car without needing to reach for your keys. It’s a daily reminder that the TLX knows you.

  • On Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD): If every aspect of the TLX infotainment system had a button or a knob, the dash would be a cluttered mess. Acura started the design of this sedan with an insistence on streamlined features, including controls. The ODMD takes dozens of buttons and condenses them to a variable touchscreen; the result is a sleek look, a smooth interface, and maximum convenience.

  • Voice Controls: Between the sophisticated ODMD touchscreen and the versatile selection of steering wheel–mounted buttons, Acura has done well to keep the driver in control of entertainment and vehicle settings. To make things even easier, the TLX includes voice controls as standard; just press a button on the steering wheel, speak one of over 200 commands, and the TLX listens.

  • Siri Eyes Free: It’s tough to sit behind the wheel and automatically lose the use of your smartphone, but iPhone users don’t have to. With Siri Eyes Free, you can command the familiar Apple concierge to check weather, make appointments, send texts, and more.

  • Navigation: The available satellite-linked navigation system brings turn-by-turn directions to the TLX, complete with 3D mapping and a point-of-interest locator. Paired with AcuraLink telematics for real-time traffic re-routing, the navigation system works hard to ensure you’re always on the fastest route to your destination, whether it’s work, home, or a night in the city.

Acura TLX Interior Dashboard
Acura TLX Premium Audio System

Entertainment Features

A sport sedan wouldn’t feel quite right if you didn’t have complete control over a driving soundtrack to your time behind the wheel, would it? These 2017 Acura TLX technology features are designed to entertain you and your passengers, whether on a quick trip into the city or a weekend adventure.

  • Acura Premium Audio: Standard on the TLX, the Acura Premium Audio system includes a rear-mounted subwoofer and a total of seven speakers to create a dynamic range and bring new life to your driving soundtrack.

  • ELS Studio Premium Audio: This 10-speaker audio system has been designed by Grammy Award–winning producer Elliot Scheiner, recreating a studio-like audio experience in the cabin of the TLX. It’s the next best thing to bringing your favorite musicians into your living room.

  • Aha and Pandora: Stream your social media, podcasts, radio stations, audiobooks, and more via Aha, or cue up your curated radio stations with Pandora. The TLX infotainment system has been designed around both interfaces to give you the utmost control behind the wheel.

  • USB Audio: Whether you want to plug in your MP3 player or you carry your music library with you on a flash drive or external hard drive, the TLX is ready. Just plug your device into the USB audio port and select your track on the On Demand Multi-Use Display. It’s that simple.

Advanced Safety Technologies

While convenience and entertainment features are many drivers’ first thoughts when it comes to technology, Acura’s top priorities have always been with safety. These tech features help keep the TLX and its occupants safe on the road:

  • Multi-View Rear Camera: The standard rearview camera automatically engages whenever in reverse, broadcasting what it sees onto the dashboard. Choose from wide-angle, top-down, and standard views complete with dynamic guidelines for easy backing up.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This available AcuraWatch Plus feature uses radar to monitor the vehicles surrounding the TLX, and when engaged, it automatically adjusts cruising speed to keep pace with traffic.

  • Lane Keeping Assist: A front-mounted camera allows this available safety feature to track the positions of markings on the pavement. If it senses the TLX is drifting from its lane, Lane Keeping Assist can give the wheel a nudge to keep you centered.

  • Collision Mitigation Braking: Multiple TLX sensors are in place to detect a possible forward collision, and if the vehicle senses an accident is likely, this available safety feature will warn the driver and—if needed—apply the brakes to slow the vehicle.

  • Blind-Spot Information System: Radar sensors in the rear of the TLX can detect when a car could be in one of the sedan’s blind spots; this available safety feature illuminates a light on the dash to alert you there could be a vehicle in a blind spot before changing lanes.

  • Road Departure Mitigation: By monitoring for typical side-of-the-road markings, this safety feature can detect when you are nearing the shoulder and might be headed off the road unintentionally—it can even course-correct to keep you on the pavement.

Acura TLX Lane Keeping Assist

See the TLX Firsthand

Even the baseline 2017 Acura TLX technology features will leave many of its competitors wanting, and the Technology Package and Advance Package offer even more. See how intuitive all of the advanced features are with a test drive at a Chicagoland Acura Dealer near you; one of our TLX experts will go over all of the convenience, connectivity, entertainment, and safety features with you in person.

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